CDI Creates iGuide for Online Casinos

Published on: November 12, 2009 

Casino Data Imaging is a popular United States company with a new idea that might begin to filter into the online casinos.  CDI or Casino Data Imaging has created an iGuide.  This guide might be downloaded on a personal computer or downloaded on mobile phones soon. However, the iGuide's principle use is going to be for land casinos as Casino Data Imaging works towards other applications of the program.

The iGuide will be an electronic device that sits near the doors in a casino and in other places on the floor.  The idea is for the player to walk into the casino and know what is going on.  They will be able to find out what tournaments are being held, when the next one starts and even where services are located.  For example hotel services, restaurant listings, and what games the casino has to play can be incorporated into the iGuide.  Casino Data Imaging will be taking this concept to LasVegas for a November show.

So you might wonder why it might soon be released in the online world.  The concept is pretty innovative in that they are using an upgraded technology than what is already out there.  They even used Casino CAD to help formulate the program to offer the most support.  The iGuide has top graphics, development and categories to be most useful to the casino player.

The online application can be the same.  Many of the online casinos and mobile casinos are trying to make the online world look and feel like land casinos.  They offer similar games, but it takes more than that to feel like you are in a casino when on a computer.  Online casinos have added live dealers, avatars, and even customizable worlds.  So instead of having menus and maps to help online players get around it may all come down to the iGuide.

Casino Data Imaging is a leader in visual technology.  Since the casino industry seems to be moving online it is only right that the iGuide helps a new online casino player find out where the table games are, what slots are available, and when the tournaments will begin.  While the mobile and online versions are just a glimmer at the moment, one thing is for certain.  iGuide will be in land casinos, maybe even in UK land casinos, for players to receive important information.

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