Casino Industry to Reach $144 Billion in 2011

Published on: June 25, 2007 

According to a recent report published by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the gambling industry worldwide is predicted to reach a worth of $144 billion by the year 2011.  The report also mentions that the current worth of the global industry is at $101.6 billion.

The international accounting and consulting firm came up with this prediction based on the industries annual compounded growth rate of 7.2%. This increase in growth is largely due to the fact that the globe continues to see a flow of newly built and newly renovated casinos, especially in the China/Pacific region. 

When looking at the growth of the China/Pacific region, in particularly, the gambling haven of Macau, China, revenue is currently calculated to be $14.6 billion.  In the year 2011 this amount is likely to climb by 15.7% and will reach $30.3 billion.

Europe, the Middle East and Africa will see only a slight increase over the next 4 years and should rise from the current revenue of $25.2billion to $27.8 billion, a 1.9% increase. 

And finally, the PriceWaterhouseCoopers report suggests that revenues if the world’s largest casino market, the United States, will rise to $79.6 billion in 2011 from today’s revenues of $57.5.  The 6.7%, although not as high as the growth rate in China, will allow the US to hang on to their position as the World’s largest casino market, at least for the next few years. 

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