Casino Fraud Rampant in Brick and Mortar Locales

Published on: October 10, 2010 

Online casinos are often bagged as places that offer a lot of trouble for online players. Analysts against online casinos will tell you there is a lot of fraud, illegal online casinos, and much more that goes on. Of course, in this diatribe they forget to mention the security measures in place to stop the fraud. What’s more is that they do not mention what goes on in brick and mortar casinos, those casino establishments that have been around for centuries longer than online casinos.

Bahram Sahami is 37 and he has just been found as a fraudster who cheated regular casinos by playing roulette. He managed to grab thousands of pounds in a London casino before he was caught. All he did was place his chips on the table after the wheel had stopped spinning. Apparently he was really good at the game of distraction considering the Croupier is supposed to be watching the tables, as well as where the marble lands. Bahram Sahami has been banned from London casinos as a result of his behaviour.

Sahami was Iranian born, but tried to seek asylum in the United Kingdom. His favoured game was American Roulette in the casino. He stated he would either add or remove chips from the table once the marble was dropped. By doing this he was able to win.

He has pled guilty to three counts of fraud, two counts of cheating, and two counts of theft. He did so at the Southwark Crown Court on 6 October 2010. He lives in Middlesbrough, and when picked up by police they found three fake IDs on him. Charges of possessing fake IDs and one charge of fraud were not provided during his case, though the police may proceed with these at a later date.

In an online casino it is nearly impossible for this type of fraud to happen. A person would have to have the right type of skills to hack the system and remove or add chips after the deal. The fact is that while people can defraud local casinos in the UK it is a lot harder to defraud online, which means players are a bit safer from this kind of shenanigans in the online casino of their choice. It doesn’t mean that all casinos are the same or that some aren’t illegal, but then again so have some land casinos been illegal.

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