Casino Cheaters Sentenced

Published on: December 15, 2007 

The son of Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels apologized to his former co workers at the NookSack River Tribal Casino, and to the NookSack Tribe as he was handed down his 3 month sentence in Federal Prison. Jacob Nickels was involved in casino cheating alliance that reached across state lines.

At the time of his arrest, Jacob Nickels, was a 26 year old pit boss at the NookSack River Tribal Casino. He was documented accepting bribes and other incentives as a form of incentive to permit the cheating in the casino. He worked with the investigators from the beginning of this process to bring an end to the casino cheating group. The charge he was convicted of and subsequently sentenced for was conspiracy to steal from a tribal casino.

During the sentencing phase, Nooksack Tribal representative worked with the prosecutor in the effort to urge more time in prison, requesting 5 months or more. The position was taken because the introduction of a professional card cheat into two of the NookSack casinos was a key part of the plot that cost the tribe an excess of 90 thousand USD in gambling losses.

The intense attention to the investigation and arrests associated with this investigation prove the protectionist ideal of the State of Washington with regard to the online gambling laws. In the effort to rectify the obvious illegal activity associated with the NookSack Casinos, they have proven the point made by Poker Player Alliance Representative and Attorney Lee Rouso, that they are only trying to protect the revenue generated by the land based casinos in the state. Lee Rouso brought a case against the State of Washington earlier this year, which has undergone a great deal of interference from the state. With significant delays the State of Washington has yet to respond to the allegations brought by Mr. Rousso. Currently they claim that he is interfering with the discovery portion of the case, as he will not answer or generate paper work involved with a questionnaire that is designed to violate his constitutional rights.

Although it is a positive thing that they have been able to bring an end to this criminal casino-cheating ring, it is not good for them from the stance of a legal application in reference to their defense of the bill that makes online gambling of any kind a felony. This has and will create a further basis for Mr. Rousso and others who will bring this case before the court system in the State of Washington, until it is over turned.

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