Casino Affiliate Programs CAP Event A Disaster

Published on: February 3, 2009 

The Casino Affiliates Program – CAP for short – even that took place over the weekend of January 30, 2009 through February 1, 2009 may not have been as productive as the attendees would've hoped for.  As a matter of fact, the disaster the meeting turned into may very well have provided that fatal blow to the program that has been run by one of the most prestigious organizations in the world.

According to witnesses who attended the CAP event on Friday, there were numerous altercations breaking out between one of the co-organizers of the even Lou Fabiano and a 'competitor' who he challenged to a fight outside the event facility.  Additionally, J. Todd who is in charge of the APWA arm of the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association – or GPWA – was overheard making critical comments about CAP's sudden affiliation with the rogue online poker room CardSpike.  Apparently the CAP and CardSpike have been talking back and forth for a few weeks now.

The worst fight of the event, however, occurred when GPWA President Michael Corfman's son Steven was assaulted in the lobby of the event facility by three security guards and he was handled roughly for no apparent reason.  The guards, according to eye witnesses, kneed and shoulder the young man for no apparent reason.  One possibility argument for the guard's actions could be that they were not informed that Corfman and his entourage – who had been initially banned from the CAP event – had been given passes and were allowed to attend the events.  No further incidents were reported.

J. Todd publicly thanks all of the poker affiliates that turned out for the event for their support over the past weekend.  "I just wanted to pop in and say "thank you" for the support and unity you guys have shown on this issue. It's great to see that we, as a community, have said together that we will not tolerate these sorts of "business practices". I hope this is the beginning of a new era for the industry."

The thanks came even after a few major players in the poker affiliate world left the event early.  Intertops' affiliate manager supposedly left in a huff of disgust as did others, but according to witnesses, many other online gaming enterprises and websites did commit to appear at the CAP's Amsterdam event occurring in May 2009.  The Casino Affiliate Conference – or CAC – event takes place in Amsterdam in March 2009.

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