Caesars Gets First Non-United States Casino

Published on: March 26, 2008 

Casino Windsor, will be adding the name ‘Caesars’ to all of its signs sometime in June.  Casino Windsor is Ontario’s premiere gambling hall, and while they insist that they will not be rebranding their properties to match, they are looking forward to the new partnership that will bring another side of gaming competition to the area.  The venture will also make the newly named casino and resort the first of the Caesars’ chain to leave the United States.

The casino and resort will change their name from ‘Casino Windsor’ to ‘Caesars Windsor’.  The name change is being caused by an agreement involving the Ontario Lottery and Gaming commissions, Windsor Casino Ltd. who runs Casino Windsor, and the Crown Corporation who owns numerous casinos in the province.   

In June, Casino Windsor – Ontario’s first gambling hall – will become known as Caesars Windsor. The name change is the result of a licensing agreement between Ontario Lottery and Gaming, the Crown corporation that owns casinos throughout the province, and Windsor Casino Ltd., the management company hired to run Casino Windsor.   Windsor is part of the Harrah’s gaming family and extends special customer-loyalty perks to their frequent high rollers.

Casino Windsor has been facing some financial problems in the form of competition across the river in the United States.  It is meant to help the establishment which is opening a $400 million expansion in June maintain their future in the gaming market.  One of the three casinos in Detroit, Michigan that is giving this small chain fits happens to be an MGM casino, a name well known in Las Vegas and on the gambling circuit.  With the building of the three casinos in Detroit, Casino Windsor took a hard hit as their players dwindled and went to the competition.

Staff at Casino Windsor is already being trained in the Caesars’ philosophy and how they treat their customers and players.  They will be learning how to make their customers feel like kings and promote the total indulgence feel that Jay Sarno established in 1966 when the first casino opened up in Las Vegas.  Every player to the casino will find it inviting and the perks they receive specifically designed to keep them from crossing the river border to go play in Detroit.

This would be the second American based company to work with and run casinos in Canada.  Casino Niagara and Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort are owned and operated by the Hyatt hotel chain which is based out of Chicago, Illinois.

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