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Published on: April 6, 2010 

Have you wondered what happens when an online casino is not successful?  You might think this casino just falls off the grid that the owners give up on it, but actually it is not always the case.  Instead, some of the brands are picked up by other online casinos and revamped.  This means site changes, improvements with games, and much more.

By asking this question we are leading directly into one online casino that has been recently changed.  Players Palace Casino might be a familiar name to some online players.  They would know it as a Starnet online casino because that is the software it used to have.  The casino was around a few years back, but always struggled to keep players and keep games.  Now the name is resurfacing with new software, new owners, and a European domain.  It is a non United States site online casino.

Players Palace Casino is now being branded and powered by Microgaming online casino.  You might recognise the Microgaming name since it is one of the top casino software companies in the world.  They have a huge selection of slot games, making them perfect for the resurgence of an old name.  The owners belong to a Gibraltar based HMAM group which is also better known as Pokershare, Casinoshare, and Grand Mondial. They have operated in the industry for several years, and with a great deal of success.

Part of the owner’s success is being able to get the brand Microgaming slot machines and other software based games.  Their other success lies in the creation of the site.  They offer a website with a processional casino style that offers a range of games and financial services for their players.  The new online casino will offer multi currency bets, with a French, English, German, and Italian version.  You simply have to click which country or language you desire and you can begin playing.

Players Palace Casino has been reconfigured so that it is more like a new online casino than an old name being reused.  You have the option of choosing this online casino with its new owners or going for any of the other thousands that are out there.  If you choose an online casino without proper branding and software you might see it bought out in the next couple of years.  Only the companies with a strong financial package and software survive in the competitive casino world.

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