Budget Changes for Online Casinos

Published on: June 22, 2010 

In the past, online casinos have used numerous means to gain attention of online casino players.  However, changes are being made at a number of online casinos regarding their advertising budgets.  Instead of using their money recklessly to advertise welcome bonuses and loyalty offerings, these online casinos are looking for ways to increase their consumer base.

The welcome bonuses still exist, but they are using other methods to get their news out, such as free newsletters and news on their actual sites.  From there the news is spread via online social sites.  Others look for current news to determine what casinos to play at, so the online casinos make sure they get their news into sites like Google.

These are not the only changes though.  Advertising budgets are being forced to change to be more effective since the United Kingdom and other countries are restricting how an online casino can work.  The UIGEA has been in play in the USA since 2005, and despite EU grief the US has not changed its laws restricting online casinos.  European countries including the UK are asking for all online casinos to have licences in order to be a valid and legal casino in their country.

Now online casinos have to concentrate some of their yearly budget on getting the proper licences.  They also have to make sure they have enough tax money to make payments to the respective governments.  The UK is one country requiring any licensed online casino in the UK to pay taxes.  This means a place located in Gibraltar will still have to pay some type of fee to operate for UK players.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways for online casinos to advertise.  Television for one has been a hit of late.  Online casinos are taking to broadcasts in order to get the word out that they exist and what type of bonuses they have.  They even use TV to advertise their live dealer options.  Online casinos are still making millions each month, so the change in advertising is more a way to streamline the business.  They do not want their profits to continue to drop thus they have to cut costs where they can in order to keep offering the welcome bonuses and other hit perks.  Free money, free tournaments, and much more take away from the net profit and thus the advertising budget making it important for online casinos to make a mark.

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