Bodog The Online Casino and Sportsbook Giant Disappears Over Night

Published on: August 29, 2007 

The massively popular online sportsbook (and casino/pokerroom) has experienced a blow like no other over night this past Monday. And on Tuesday morning when players around the globe tried to access any Bodog wesite they were unsuccessful. The problem – a dispute over the rights of the domain name and a lawsuit against the company stating that their software infringes upon existing patents (costing the company nearly $49 million).

The company is not going to go down without a fight, and in the meantime has acted swiftly to the situation to ensure that their players are not inconvenienced by the issue. For Bodog, there is no doubt that business must go on as usual (especially with the commencement of the football season this coming weekend).

"This is the result of a legal dispute over the ownership of the domain name. We are fighting this dispute. We are confident that we will win, but until all is settled, I do not want our battle to interrupt your play". Stated Bodog owner Calvin Ayre.

To rectify the situation the company has set up a new domain,, where players will find the exact same service and product that they know – the only difference is the domain name.

Calvin Ayre has posted a statement on the new website that introduces the new domain, briefly explains the current situation and apologizes for any inconveniences. In a further attempt to rectify the situation and to preserve the business from as many customers as possible, a similar statement from Ayre, in the form of an email, was sent out to all registered Bodog customers.

"We are working to resolve any remaining issues on the temporary site as soon as possible, and fully expect to have our original site back up shortly”. States Ayre in the statement. “I sincerely apologize if you were affected by our interruption and assure you that I will update you soon."

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