Bodog Online Casino Becoming BodogLife

Published on: September 21, 2007 

The website is a well known one with many online casino players. The site has been well visited ever since it opened and offers a variety of online gambling games. The Bodog casino website (also featuring a poker room and a sports betting section for online players) is now about to change its name. Changing the name of an existing and successful online casino site is not without risk. A company can never be sure that players will return to a renamed site.

Bodog will start using a new Internet website domain called BodogLife after a ruling in court. As a result of rulings in two different American courts in the states of Nevada and Washington the Bodog Company was forced to let go of their initial name. The Technology company LLC has brought claims connected to patent infringement matters to court concerning the Bodog name the judges have ruled in the favour of the LLC.

The company released a statement explaining the matter to let online gamblers know why the company is currently switching over to the new BodogLife name. The company used NewBodog for a while until that Internet domain name was hijacked due to a complicated patent dispute. The company need some time to come up with a new name that was not to be interpreted as an infringement on any other existing casino website names and is now happy to announce

The matter of course caused tension within the company. Instead of being able to focus on developing exciting quality online casino environments for their website they had to worry about domain names instead. The 1000 people staff has come through and pulled together to keep the company strong during the legal ordeal.

The fact that Bodog pulled through in this matter is extraordinary. In any similar type of event an online gambling site would be likely to suffer from the publicity in the media and payers may lose interest if a website is to be renamed or the brand name of the online gambling company is changed significantly. Bodog is convinced that its quality games and the professionalism of their staff who were patient enough to stay on track and deal with customers’ inquiries about the matter were a significant factor in the process. It is now a fact that the number of players visiting BodogLife is growing every single day.

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