Bodog and LA Galaxy Announcement

Published on: October 7, 2010 announced it is only a few short months before they become owners of LA Galaxy. For those who are unsure what this means, is interested in the Major League Soccer side of LA Galaxy, the company. They have revealed a new deal that is for advertising in which the companies will come together to advertise on LED Field Boards. In other words will have an LED board, space on the scoreboard, and also appear in TV ads for maximum exposure of their brand.

LA Galaxy and Bodog are two very hot brands, recognized in more than just the United Kingdom. They are known throughout the world, which is why the deal seemed to be mutually helpful offering the best in the United States as well as the United Kingdom. Ed Pownall of the Bodog brand spoke up about the new advertising campaign with LA Galaxy helping out. He stated they felt the deal was the best option and that it would help fantasy sports grow in the next few years.

Already fantasy sports have had a good run. It is not going to stop growing, nor will the interest in soccer wane. It is the most popular fantasy sport right now. Bodog is hoping to create another agreement with MLS club to help their future in fantasy soccer. All it will take is a little more time for the deals to work. For now the two brands have a great relationship that should develop further in the coming months. LA Galaxy’s Home Depot center is opening in the USA this year with 27,000 seats for soccer fans.

In other news, everyone is gearing up for the date of 10.10.10. This means you might just get lucky at Bodog because it happens only once that the date will be a solid 10 across the board. Plenty of online casinos are ready to see this happen with weekend long tournaments, plus the entire Thursday spread of fun. At Bodog things seem pretty lucky with their new relationship, so you may find they have some top deals.

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