Big Golden Riviera Casino Progressive Winner Hits Again

Published on: July 22, 2014 

There are a lot of different types of players. For the more casual players, it's a lot of fun to hit a winning session, but it's fun to just play as well. For the more serious and competitive people out there, it's possible that they actually hate losing more than they love winning. For these types of players who want to really go big or go home, Golden Riviera Casino has the big progressive jackpots that embody that approach towards in the games in a major way. One lucky player recently found out that this approach paid off big time.

A player who is going by D.W. to protect his identity was able to pick up a big progressive jackpot playing the Lotsaloot progressive. Does a €91,333 payout sound good to you? It sounded good to D.W. as well, and that's why he's such a happy guy right now. As one of the most popular progressive jackpots of Golden Riviera's history, they're used to people winning life-changing prizes on it, but D.W. was thrilled more than anyone else could probably ever be about his win.

Low minimum bets are one of the reasons why Lotsaloot is so popular, but it's also it's atypical format. You don't see this much anymore, but the Lotsaloot progressive is actually the result of play on two different games. There is a three-reel version of it available for people who love the classic progressive feel, and there's also a five-reel version with 25 paylines, wilds and all of the other features that modern players are used to. Overall, this means that it offers something for everyone, and this inclusive approach is one of the main reasons why the Lotsaloot progressive jackpot is loved by so many players.

History is something that players don't forget about in the online casino industry because it's what shows the difference between flash-in-a-pan sites and the establishments that are going to stick around and do right by players for the long run. Golden Riviera Casino has a longer history than most, and they have built an almost untouchable reputation over that time for being one of the premier spots to play online. They have thousands of players from all over the globe because of this, and they are going to continue on offering some of the best games available for a very long time.

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