Betting Terminal Inc Extends Backgammon Masters

Published on: January 4, 2008 

The CEO of Betting Terminal Inc. announced that Betting Terminal chose BackgammonMasters for this project because "BackgammonMasters known for their Backgammon community and also having the best graphics, the widest variety of games, and their platform is the most powerful and at the same time stable game software available in the industry."

What project you ask? Betting Terminal is extending the remote gaming market to people who may not already have the internet at home. They will be placing the remote betting terminals strategically around the world, starting with the first 100 in Croatia. This first roll out will feature the ever-popular game of Texas Hold’em Poker. It will not be the only game however that will be found in restaurants, café’s, bars and other social gathering places. Once the terminals are in place additional popular casino styled games will be added live from the BackgammonMasters multiplayer Texas Holdem software as they become available.

BackgammonMasters is looking forward to the venture, as this is the first worldwide use of the multi-table Texas Hold’em Poker Software. The integration is starting with only a few terminals, however it will not be limited to 100 terminals, nor just to the market held within Croatia.

Accessing and running the programs at Betting Terminal Inc., is based off remote access servers. Using prepaid cards to add real money to players dedicated server protected accounts, access online information, and place bets, players will be able to compete in many formats of the game. It is possible for a player to compete live against opponents in public or private competition mode. It is also possible for a player to access soon to be developed tournaments, incentives and more from the terminals. The goal is to open the terminal play in to the most convenient possible market locations, and yet make the game as enjoyable to play out as it is to play online poker at home, on the Backgammon Masters poker page. Everything from opening a new account to logging a credit card, as verification will be able to be completed from the Betting Terminal.

To support the initial roll out, Betting Terminal Inc,, has established a land based system. This customer support team will provide service to all of the terminals. Should a player have questions, problems or concerns it will be possible to access the Betting Terminal support system to receive what ever assistance they need. This assistance extends both to the terminal and the Texas Hold’em programming software.

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