Bets on Who Will Win World Cup

Published on: June 27, 2010 

The World Cup has been going strong for the last several days.  Everyone has been watching to find out which teams will be eliminated and which teams will make it.  The bets have been raging at online casinos.  As each game is played the next wagers reflect the chances of the teams winning or losing.  In a game against the USA, the UK managed to keep a draw, which has allowed them to advance.  After the drawn game it was suspected the UK might make it all the way, or at least a lot further.  Unfortunately, there have been a few disappointing games all around, even for the UK.

In order to remain in place the UK had to win the game against Slovenia.  England worked hard against Slovenia in their last match.  However, throughout the game it was unsure whether they would definitely make it.  Since there were some tough defense and offense to get around, England had to fight to make the point that eventually won the game.

By winning the game against Slovenia, England is able to move on into the last 16 spots.  This means they get a match up against Germany, which has been a long time rival of England.  In the first half of the game Jermain Defoe made a shot, gaining them plenty of points to get them in the second place for Group C.  Slovenia was able to hold off the many goal shots with some good blocks.

England was not the only game in play to see who would and would not advance.  For those who wish to bet on the World Cup winners and who might take the next matches, it is important to know what other games were played recently.

Australia was up against Serbia.  There was a top display by Australia in order to get the two goals needed in order to win the game.  However, this has not knocked Serbia out of the game.  Australia unfortunately had some damaging games in the beginning of the World Cup.  It allowed Serbia to retain their seat in the cup, and push Australia out.  The USA played against Algeria in a 1-0 game.  It provided a score goal for the USA to remain and push the Algerians out.  It also puts the USA in the lead when comparing them to England.  The UK still has to work hard if they want to remain with the players still in the game.

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