Betfair Online Gambling Sites Enjoy Healthy Profits

Published on: October 2, 2007 

One of the most successful betting exchange companies Betfair has been able to establish a huge growth in betting figures since the company re-launched Betfair Poker and the well know Betfair Casino site. With a new and improved marketing plan Betfair is ready to deal with a large number of Internet casino players again and those who visit the Betfair sites will be pleasantly surprised with the great looking and smooth running site. It is already clear that financial figures will show a rise in income to £182m.

Betfair has been able to establish a large customer base in countries such as the UK, Malta, and even in Austria, the gambling loving nation of Germany and Australia. Betfair is now approaching Italy and the company is more than ready to present its unique gambling site with which customers are able to place a bet on a selection or on an outcome in the normal sense of the game. People can also bet against a certain outcome and bets like those will be matched between players with opposing views.

The Betfair exchange site has been growing strong with a growth of user figures of up to a million registered users, and this means that the Betfair sites handle more financial transactions than the busy European stock markets all together. More and more betting exchange sites are trying to copy Betfair’s formula. A month ago the American site Trading sports was floated onto the American Interchange Market (AIM. This is the smaller version of the London Stock Exchange that was started in 1995 to help provide facilities to trade in shares owned by small companies. Sporting Options, another betting site is expected to be an AIM stock flotation on the market.

The Betfair Company is convinced that its success could not have been accomplished without the use of Internet sites. The company has been using its very strong profits to create a cash reserve build-up to be able to venture and expand into new markets in the betting world. The company will be focusing in creating new sites, new products and betting options and without being able to get in touch with players all over the world via the Internet this success would not have been possible at all.

More and more betting and casino companies are now investing in creating Internet sites. The benefits of creating quality gaming sites are undeniably strong and people simply prefer to log on to a site instead of having to dress up and travel to visit a casino. Most players on the Internet tend to spend more time playing if you consider all the hours played online in a year.

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