Betfair Online Casino Has No House Edge

Published on: May 15, 2008 

Everyone knows that the house always wins, right?  Wrong!  Online casino players now have the opportunity to play their favorite games online without forking over rakes or other monetary fees to the casino operator by registering a live cash account with Betfair.  This British operated online casino is giving their players two different areas in which they gamble on their site, one of which offers games with no house edge and adjustments to their games that actually favor the players.

Betfair’s Main Lounge carries all of the favorite casino games and online slots in the normal format that includes a house edge.  The site has been touted as also having some of the best player bonuses available to online casino gamers.  Betfair’s Zero Lounge offer the same table games in a smaller selection that have no house edge at all – and all of the great bonuses still intact.

Zero Blackjack is played at Betfair in the normal way that is found on all online casinos and in brick and mortar casinos around the world. Blackjack is normally played with a small house edge simply because of the nature of the game, but the rules in the Zero Lounge negate it, making the payouts considerably favorable.  Gamers get a 2-1 payout for all suited blackjacks, and a 2-1 payout for any blackjack made using a hand of five cards to equal 21.

The Zero Jacks or Better game is awarding players a payout return of 100% if the gamers play this video poker version wisely.  The payout for the royal flush here is close to 25% higher than any other online casino.  This is an attractive incentive for anyone who enjoys playing online casino games and should not be overlooked.

The Zero Roulette game actually pits gamers up against Lady Luck and gives them the truest odds available anywhere.  The American version of roulette has two numbers that win in the house’s favor, 0 and 00.  The European version only has one, the 0.  With the Zero Roulette version, there is no zero or green number – as the double zero has been called – and gives gamers a really good run for their money.

Finally, Zero Baccarat, a card game that is played primarily with the punter, dealer, and banker, has reduced the commission on the banker’s bet to a very low 2.75%.  This is best return on any baccarat game found online and Betfair may find that they have their hands full with players because of it.

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