Bet365 Casino Has an Awesome Soccer Bonus

Published on: August 5, 2014 

Soccer season is about to start back up again even though we're just weeks removed from the end of the World Cup, and Bet365 Casino has a great event to help you celebrating the return of the world's sport. You can earn up to $260 with this cool promotion by just playing some of your favorite games along with some sports-based games as well. There are two main parts to this promotion, and taking advantage of both of them will help you to maximize the value that you get from this cool offer.

On August 9 and August 10, your comp points earned on slots are going to be totaled to put you at one of five levels. Make it to 1,000 points to make level 1 and a $10 bonus. If you get up to 2,000 points, you'll be given level 2 status, and a $20 bonus comes with that. Level 3 is for 5,000 points for a $50 bonus, and level 4 will get you a $100 bonus for 10,000 points. If you break 20,000 points, you'll be given the highest level which is level 5, and you'll pick up a $200 bonus to go with it.

There are ways for you to get up to $60 in extra bonuses on top of that. There are six games at Bet365 Casino which have a soccer theme: Top Trumps World Football Stars 2014, Top Trumps World Football Stars, Top Trumps Football Legends, Football Carnival, Football Fans and Football Rules. Earn 400 comp points on any of these games during the promotional period for a $10 bonus. You can earn one bonus on each of these six games for a total of $60 in extra value. This is an awesome addition to this promotion because it's really easy to get value from playing these games.

Bet365 Casino is based in the United Kingdom, and they know that soccer/football is very big there. Along those lines, they are offering these cool soccer bonus opportunities for players at all stakes. All you need to do to qualify for this promotion is deposit or transfer in at least $50 to your casino account. Since you can get bonuses worth up to more than five times that, it's not a huge request. This is exactly the kind of thing Bet365 is known for: major promotions and major values.

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