BackgammonMasters Makeover

Published on: January 10, 2008 

In a recent announcement BackgammonMasters, the impressive developer of online casino software, stated they were updating the game lobby to improve navigation for all of their online casino players and community members. This new version, being tested now, will be automatically upgraded. This auto upgrade will save a users from needing to make new downloads or additional installations to use it.

At this time, BackgammonMasters has not released a set launch date, however they have made it clear that development is complete and many phase levels of testing are underway. Once they are satisfied with the complete results, and the software bugs are worked out, they will leave another announcement for their members as to its release. The time frame has yet to be announced.

The targeted goal for this upgrade is to provide the users will a completely new experience on the site. Many of the users will find that basic site appearance may be similar to what they already know, however with the higher goal, upgraded features, the site should have a significantly more user or in this case, player friendly, venue to work with. Additionally, BackgammonMasters is anticipating further growth to their casino platform from the upgrade, and have thus added many more live chat support operators, as well as updated their article database significantly. A new feature will handle the questions and searches of new members, which is in support of both the help files and the facts and questions already on the site.
At this time, BackgammonMasters has released information stating that the intricate new design will more completely integrate the already popular online casino system with more than 200 very popular online casino games, including roulette, online slots machines, versions of blackjack, and even a video poker games. This hope is to extend the hand to all of the active online casino community, and bring in new clients. This updated, casino format is being upgraded by one of the most customer friendly companies in the world. This will facilitate incredible growth and positive reaction to their site, and all of the games they have developed in the online casino industry.

On a side note, in recognition of the impressive strides BackgammonMasters has made, they are installing their software internationally in an online designed poker machine that is designed for installation wherever a computer may not be handy. This will facilitate further attention to the quality of the programming, as well as the impressive ability the online casino software developer has to adapt already exception casino programs to an otherwise unintended environment. True skill and talent can be seen in both ventures.

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