Automated Poker Room Coming To New Jersey

Published on: May 25, 2008 

With the current economic conditions in the United States being so terrible, casinos are looking for new ways to minimize their operating costs without their customer service being compromised.  To do that, they are researching new and unique ways to also maximize the gambling profits that is the life blood of their business, ways that stay inside the walls of the establishment.

One new trick that has been found is automated poker rooms.  This new fad eliminates the need for poker dealers and only a few poker managers per shift to make sure everything is still operating properly.  Players are seated at table in front of the own personal computer monitor which surround a central main screen that services as the computerized dealer.  The main screen also shows the community cards and other information that would normally be handled by a live dealer.

The first automated poker room is going to be in New Jersey at a casino owned by Donald Trump.  The ‘Donald’, who is usually one step ahead of every business similar to his one, has agreed to try out this new option and has joined up with PokerPro to set the project into motion.  If the project is approved by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission, the new automated poker room will have twelve automated tables in which poker players can still face off against each other.

PokerPro has been created by PokerTek and will keep statistics as well as control the games play.  Each table will be able to accommodate ten players at a time.  The computerized dealer will be able to help players play more hands per hour and keep the games moving a decent pace.  The cards will be electronically generated using software that is similar to that used in online casinos, all randomly selected per its programming.

While automated poker rooms will eliminate the need for live dealers, it still remains to be seen how welcome they will be.  Trump and PokerTek’s contract is for a field trial and they will test out the new set-up with live poker players.  Surveys will be distributed to see how the players like the new format.  Of course, if the number of players utilizing the room drops significantly automated poker rooms may be a thing of the past before it can even get off the ground at other establishments.  If it is well accepted, more casinos may go to this new format.

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