Atlantic City Stabbing Suspect Arrested

Published on: April 7, 2008 

Playing poker can be difficult enough and this time a game ended in murder.  Vincente Perez, 57, of Georgia, was taken into custody by Atlantic City police after he violently assaulted and killed another man he had been playing poker with after getting into a heated argument at the tables that was witnessed by patrons and staff.  According to witnesses, the two men exited the building into the valet parking lot in the Virginia Avenue entrance garage, and the altercation became violent.

Perez is being charged with aggravated manslaughter by the Prosecutor’s Office Major Crimes Unit.  There are also two weapons charges being added to the crime.  The victim, whose identity has not bee released, will undergo an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.

The Taj Mahal Casino and Resort has seen this kind of violence before.  An incident a few months ago also resulted in an act of violence when a man who had lost a large amount of money opened fire at the scene of the poker game he had lost at.  His rampage injured and killed numerous people.  Consequences of actions such as this has caused tighter security in all of the Atlantic City casinos, but the attack of a few nights ago has left other patrons scared and concerned for their own safety.

While poker is a gruelling game that tests the patience, wit, and stamina of the players, many people take it more seriously than they should.  They is a modicum of luck involved in playing the many different variations that are available and players who take the time to learn the rules usually do good at the tables.  Others do not fare well when they lose.

According to eyewitnesses, upon leaving the Taj Mahal’s poker tables, Perez and the other gentlemen continued their argument. Perez drew a knife and proceeded to stab the victim in anger, fatally wounding him.  The incident at the casino happened at 2:46pm.  By 4:05pm, the victim had been pronounced dead at the AtlantiCare Medical Centre in Atlantic City.

More information on the identity of the victim will be released upon the notification of family and next of kin.  This incident, the second in less than a year, will be seeing the security in all of the casinos in Atlantic City to be stepped up and become much stiffer in order to ensure the safety of the patrons frequenting these establishments.

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