Are Online Casinos Losing Revenue

Published on: April 8, 2009 

A big question is whether or not the recession is going to cause problems for online casinos.  Experts are basing this question on the current land based casinos around the world.  Several countries such as Canada, US, Japan, and UK are experiencing down trends in revenue for their land based casinos.  The recession which seems to be making its way from country to country is definitely affecting all types of entertainment.

The gambling industry in the US is the hardest hit, especially in Atlantic City.  Las Vegas has been offering great deals on flights and hotels just to make up for the lack of travelers.  However, are we going to see similar decline online?  From reports of the last quarter in 2008 this seems highly unlikely.  Many experts believe that online casinos will rally even in 2009 as things get worse around the world.

The EU is demanding that monopolies be stopped in countries that are part of the European Union.  This will open the doors to some of the larger online casinos to gain more consumers.  Already France has international online casinos opening their pages up.  Online Casinos who have established themselves as powerhouses will continue to do well, according to experts.  The smaller online casinos that have less players may need to work a little harder to gain more clients.  However, these casinos do have something that the land based locations do not have.

One has to travel to land based casinos, stay at a hotel, or drive back home.  It is more expensive to go to these types of casinos.  With online casinos a client can play online whenever they want.  It is this convenience that will drive more customers to the online world.  Added benefits of 3D renderings in an online casino further entice clients.

Experts also believe that with the recession troubles, debt, and rising unemployment individuals will seek some method to take a break from reality.  Spending a little cash in order to have a little fun is something they feel they need to do.  Going out to the movies, dinner, and other activities is more expensive in client’s minds than spending a little time on the online casinos.

There are other reasons that entice clients to spend their money online.  Online casinos also provide free welcome bonuses and in some cases free rolls, which allow the player to gamble and keep the winnings.

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