April Treasures for Online Casino

Published on: March 25, 2009 

Online casinos are always trying to outdo themselves from month to month to keep it interesting for online gamblers.  Golden Casino is just one of the online casinos offering different tournaments each month.  As March grows to a close they are gearing up for a new tournament in honour of April Fools’ Day.  Golden Casino is just one of the casino companies from Vegas Technologies.  They are offering a free roll slot tournament on April 1st better known as April Fools’ Day.

Some might say this is not the best day to be guaranteeing winnings from a tournament.  However, they are going ahead as planned with their $5,000 guarantee winnings in the slot tournament.  The tournament will begin at noon and last until April 3rd at 8pm.  It is your typical three day tournament, but it will be during the week rather than the weekend.

Players will be able to come to the online casino to try their luck at the competition.  Any player who has a registration to the casino or wants to set one up over the next week will be eligible to enrol in the tournament.  Just because the day happens to be filled with jokesters does not change the facts of how serious this tournament and its winnings are.  Golden Casino likes to show how much they appreciate their players in keeping things moving throughout the year.

March Madness is going on right now at the online casino.  They are offering $40,000 in a win that is guaranteed as the prize.  Even this tournament will still be going on till April 7th.

The fact is, Golden Casino is not the only online casino that loves to give away money in tournaments.  Many of the reputable online casinos are always offering weekend tournaments in a variety of manners.  This new one coming from Golden Casino is for slots, but next time they might just offer a poker reward.  Having a variety of games and chances to win is what an online casino is all about.

Players come to online casinos to win, and Vegas Technologies along with Golden Casino realise just how important this is.  March Madness tournaments have been ongoing for several weeks at different casinos.  With the new month on the horizon other online casinos will soon be offering tournaments, with a nice payout for the top winner.  The best part about the April Fools’ contest is the free roll option.

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