AOL Enters UK Betting Market

Published on: August 3, 2007 

The UK version of America Online, has added a new service to it it’s may helpful tools for web users in the UK.  Joining the site, that already features top news stories, advice on money and travel, job postings, shopping, music and so much more, is another great feature – horse and sports betting for real money.  

Due to laws forbidding online gambling practices in the US, AOL is unfortunately unable to offer these services to their major audience, US users, but have found that there is so much opportunity in Europe (specifically the UK) in regards to online betting, that this was the next step for them to take in expanding their business world wide.  

"As part of our mission to make the AOL U.K. portal the premier online destination for Web users and advertisers alike, we are looking at a range of partnerships and initiatives to drive our business forward in Europe," stated Michael Stickler, VP of AOL Europes Interactive Marketing division.  

With an over €70 billion per year, and growing, volume in betting actions taking place, the British gambling market is currently one of the biggest.  AOL, with their partnership with FLUXX, hopes that they will be able to tap into some of this wealth, as the underdeveloped online gambling scene continues to get bigger.  

As mentioned, AOL has partnered with FLUXX AG, a German computer applications design company, to take on this new venture.  FLUXX focuses it’s designs on gambling products and services and has already worked with AOL in the past.  A FLUXX subsidiary called JAXX has already formed a partnership with AOL and together they have provided Germany with a successful Lottery Service since 2003.  

"Linking up with FLUXX fits that strategy perfectly. Their wealth of ideas and experience in the betting business will bring additional energy and diversity to our offering both here in the U.K. and across other European countries." Adds Steckler.

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