Another Gaming Payment Method Bites The Dust

Published on: April 16, 2008 

Americans are going to have even more headaches trying to play at online casinos and poker rooms thanks to one of the few remaining deposit methods closing up shop. Epassporte has ceased their gambling transactions portion of their business, leaving their loyal customers suddenly swinging in the breeze and wondering what to do. They did not give their customers any forewarning nor did they counter the rumours that had been circling the online casino community. Instead, they just told their customers and online gambling customer service representatives that they were having ‘technical difficulties’.

Many of the online casinos temporarily blocked Epassporte and some of them removed the logo from their payment method screens all together. Other just posted a ‘temporary unavailable’ popup whenever someone clicked on the Epassporte option. These measured are probably what started the rumours. But when Cake Poker posted a message on their cashier screen stating that they had been officially informed by Epassporte that they were no longer be providing e-wallet gambling services, everyone knew the truth.

Luckily enough people who had been using Epassporte and had withdrawals in the middle of being processed are getting their money. Funds do not seem to be frozen but once the outstanding withdrawals are done, Epassporte will not be processing anymore. This means that anyone who used this e-wallet service will have to switch to something else, a bit of a sticky situation if you happen to be an American who was using this one service for their monetary casino needs.

The situation is still a bit confusing, as evidenced by the letter that was supposedly sent to Pitbull Poker from Epassporte. According to the letter which was posted on Compatible Poker, Epassporte claims that they had been "advised that the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York is conducting a widespread investigation of Internet gambling, including poker." Epassporte management simply decided that it wasn’t worth it to risk being shut down for activities they did not deem illegal. They could’ve blocked American transactions as just everyone else has done, but instead they decided to pull the plug completely.

Most non-American players should not have any problem finding other e-wallet funding sources as Neteller and PayPal do offer International service that fund online gambling. Unfortunately those who live in America and in states that allow online gambling are going to have a hard time find another way to get their money to and from their favourite online casino and poker rooms.

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