Anitgua and Barbuda Seek Over $3.4 Billion from US over Gambling Dispute

Published on: June 20, 2007 

The Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda announced today that the US ought to face commercial sanctions upwards of $3.4 billion a year due its failure to abide by a ruling from the World Trade Organization (WTO) that their restrictions on Internet Gambling are illegal.   

Before the ban on Internet gambling in the US was introduced, online gambling not only provided income for hundreds of citizens of Barbuda and Antigua, but it helped the nation to end its dependency on tourism (which was damaged due to a series of hurricanes in the early 90’s).   

Last year Antigua won a WTO ruling against the restrictions in the US and is now asking for permission from the trade body to target against American Trademarks and Copyrights, should the United States continue to refuse to make any any changes to their legislation.   

The announcement from the Caribbean nation was made just one day after officials from the European Union also announced to the US that they too want some sort of compensation due to the loss of income they have incurred because of the ban of foreign gambling sites.   

“While we realize this is a significant step for Antigua and Barbuda to take, we feel we have no other choice in the matter,” stated the Finance minister of Antigua in a statement. “Until such time as the United States is willing to work with us on achieving a reasonable solution to this trade dispute, we will continue to use every legitimate remedy available to protect the interests of our citizens,” he continued.

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