A Twist to Online Tournaments

Published on: October 3, 2009 

Online tournaments are usually about slot machines or poker games. They rarely show up as tournaments on other games.  However, VIP Online Casino has decided to offer a little something different.  They just announced a freeroll tournament for October based on roulette.  That’s right! Online casino players get to join a roulette tournament and it is a freeroll style.

The tournament began on October 1st and will run till October 15th.  For players to participate they must be signed up at VIP online casino.  They also have to have a real money account.  Despite no entry fee the player must have a real money account in case they win.  The winners will be getting credit to play the games.  Members just need to access the real online casino and select More Games from the menu.  From there it is possible to select Free Tournament 1.  Free Tournament 2 will be held in the second half of October.

Once a player has signed up with a real money account and for the freeroll tournament they can begin to play the game.  Players will find themselves at the roulette table with $500 in credits.  It is not cashable money, so you cannot try to withdraw it from your account.  The $500 gives you a chance to begin stacking your money.  You will want to have an aggressive strategy to beat out the other players in the game.  Some might consider playing for an hour and then cooling down, while others may stay online the entire time.

A great advantage to the freeroll tournament at VIP online casino with roulette is that you have ten minutes to wager.  You can decide what you want to wager as well as see what the other players are doing.  The prize pool is $1000.  VIP considers this to be a reasonable amount since you are not actually wagering your own money.  You have no initial investment, so earning $300 for first prize and $200 for second is pretty decent.  The rest of the money will be split among the top 21 players.  So there are 23 winners in all.  Those in third to twenty- third place get $25 each.  The prizes will be placed in the winners’ accounts within 10 minutes of the competition ending.  There is a leader board at the online casino to show who is in the top spots and you can check your place.

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