A New Mega Jackpot in Online Casinos

Published on: October 6, 2007 

Online casinos have found yet another new way to attract players from all over the world to their casino websites. The new progressive gambling game called Mega Moolah (a slot machine game) now offers a jackpot of over $3,568,000. Slot game players are spending a lot of time in online casinos such as Prime Casino to try and get their hands on the jackpot.

The current trend in online gambling is that more and more sites are replacing their classic roulette and Blackjack games with more modern gambling games such as video slots. The machines that used to be called ‘ one armed bandits’ have now been replaced with an image on a computer screen. Players can pick from many different types of video games with adaptable themes and features. The payouts remain the same though!

Behind every successful casino website stands a huge Internet design team. The software teams work tirelessly to create new and exciting games to attract even more players. Casino game and software builders such as Ultra Internet Media Work release games with modern themes. One example is the recently released video slot game based on the Osbourne family. Themes like these make a game machine more attractive to players.

There are slot machines with storylines (every time you play you get to see a part of a soap) and themes. There is an Elvis themed slot machine and there are even karaoke online slot machines. With these machines players have to sing a karaoke song before they can continue playing and the song might get them a bonus payout. Software developers are become more inventive in their game designs every month and the online casino world is always moving to try and get new players to come to a specific online gambling website.

Research has shown that the most wanted games are still the progressive jackpot slot machines. With their ever-growing jackpots these games truly offer a challenge for every online casino player. People keep playing and trying to get to the jackpot until someone wins after which the jackpot has to be built up again. One Mega Moolah slot machine reached the payout mark of over $3 million recently. This makes the online slot game at Prime Casinos one of the most popular slots available.

The payout currency of a jackpot depends on the currency that a casino player is actually playing with. The largest online casino win on a slot machine was $8,000,000 on the Millionaires Club slot machine. The Mega Moolah is now predicted to become the largest online win that can be reached and should reach its payout level within the next few days.

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