32Red Online Casino Offers More to Players

Published on: December 18, 2009 

32Red is one of the leading United Kingdom online casinos.  There are numerous online casinos out there all vying for players' attention.  But some more than others make it into the news, like 32Red.  A few days ago it was Party Gaming and Bwin creating a merger that might shape the online world in a new direction.  Today it is all about 32Red online casino giving more to their online players.

32Red just launched a Sports Betting section.  Now players can bet on football, tennis, golf, or horseracing.  This new feature is going to offer their online players any gambling choice that they may want.  It is not all about poker, slot machines, other casino games, or bingo with 32Red anymore.  However, they certainly still offer these games in high quality and numerous choices.

It makes sense that the casino would be willing to offer more.  After all, sports betting in the United Kingdom and Europe is a huge deal.  Gamblers with 32Red casino will find they can bet on almost every game, even international sporting events.  The online casino decided that they would not wait for the new year or Christmas to roll out the new option.  Instead they felt it was necessary to give the new sports betting a go before the holidays.  The holidays are one of the times in the year that gets a lot of interest in sports betting and other gambling.  For 32Red online casino it is definitely making sense to go ahead with their launch.

Other online casinos may have just as many games and sports betting too, but they often put it on different sites.  32Red’s new sports betting has a link from the casino games to the sports betting.  They make it easy for their online players to find everything they want to have.  It is also a great “selling point.”  The added game selection, different pay options, customer service, and security will also add to the experience according to the spokesperson for the company.  As a one stop shop it can hardly get much better for the online casino.

32Red has also stated that they are very happy to have added the sports betting before the World Cup Tournament.  This tournament will begin in June 2010.  It will definitely add to the sports betting that takes place online, so 32Red expects that they will see increased betting during this time.

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