32 Red Online Casino Revenue Up

Published on: July 18, 2010 

Online casinos are a great way to win a little extra cash and have some fun.  They can also turn out to be not so fun.  When you lose a little on your favourite game it can be disappointing.  Of course, some individuals play for the sport and fun, rather than the actual winnings.  There is one way to ensure you do get a little profit from an online casino- invest in online casino stock.

If you enjoy a good game of chance and a little something like luck, the stock market can be just another way for you to gamble and win.  For example 32Red Casino is run by 32Red PLC.  They have 32 Red bingo and poker sites as well.  They just announced their half year revenue results.  The company reported a gross income of 7.8 million pounds.  This amount is a positive performance by the company.  In the first 6 months of 2010 they have certainly shown they are a power to reckon with, when it comes to making some winning money.

The report is showing a 35 percent increase since 2009.  Furthermore, they are showing player numbers are up by 26 percent.  The casino cost per acquisition has also dropped from 89 pounds last year to 86 pounds.  The amount of players plus casino costs determines the amount of revenue the company has made.  It is their marketing strategy to reduce their costs and improve the amount of players at the casino, which in turn improves the revenue.

Even though the casino has improved by over 30 percent, bingo and poker sites are down by 14 percent.  Bingo revenues are down by 3 percent.  It means the total improvement for the company has been 33 percent.  32Red Casino has also made some acquisitions this year.  For example they have two European online casinos: Nedplay and Golden Lounge Casino.  They have already generated .5 million since the acquisition.

The CEO stated they feel the economic conditions in the United Kingdom have put up a challenge and they have certainly been able to get past that challenge with their marketing and brand name recognition. The group intends on strengthening their company even more as the year continues.  So for those willing to invest in 32Red stock there is one way to come out with a positive win for the year, even if it isn’t at the tables online.

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