32 Arrested in Illegal Internet Gambling Operation in China

Published on: September 11, 2007 

Thirty-two people in China have been arrested because of their involvement in running an illegal online gambling operation.  It is reported that over 50 others are also in conjunction with the crime and are currently "on the run".

Similar to the United States, online gambling is prohibited in China and thus this operation and everyone involved (over 100 people) is participating in an illegal activity.  The only wagering permitted in China is in the form of State-sponsored lottery.  Stopping Internet gamblers is a priority in China.  

This illegal operation, that totaled roughly, $773 million, was said to be the makings of a head of a criminal gang, Yang Xu. Yang Xu, along with his wife Wang Jun began the operation, starting with a small group of gamblers, in November 2005.  And in less than two years, the operation grew much larger (large enough to involve over 100 people).  

The arrests initiated a number of government ministries to release a circular stating that, "The prevalence of online gambling has ruined the online environment and harmed young people's growth, which runs against the policy of building a harmonious society."

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