3 Top Games at Online Casinos

Published on: October 29, 2009 

The results are in about the top three online casino games.  With hundreds of various games online it is hard to determine which games to play.  For those new to the online world you now have a small guide to consider what games you might want to play.  There are three types of games online that most players enjoy.  To help you figure out what games you might like to play we are going to talk about the top three game types.

The first of the most popular games are the slot machines.  The slot machines are easy to learn and fun to play.  They are also quick.  You can go online for five minutes and earn a couple of pounds and then go back to work or go on with your plans.  With a push of the button you can be a millionaire or more.  The most popular slots are the progressive jackpots because they can increase really quickly and payout well.  The slots have a number of themes.  For example Marvel Comics, Mega Moolah, and cartoons or movie themes are available.  Many of the online casinos have hundreds of slots to choose from.  The graphics are top quality with bonus features that add to the fun.

Poker is the next of the most popular online casino games.  Poker is a table game with many variations.  Due to the variations you can play Texas Hold’em or something newer.  Caribbean Stud Poker is just one of the more popular online casino games.  Several of the professional players at the WSOP have come from online casino worlds gaining experience.  Players can be the next champion.

Pai Gow surprisingly is the third most popular online casino game.  Pai Gow is a very interesting and ancient game.  There are low house edges to make it beneficial for players.  Typically the house edge is 4 percent or less.  Pai Gow is considered between video poker and traditional poker.  Players have the option of earning money quickly based on how the game is played.  The traditional Pai Gow is played with dominoes, but the online games are played with cards.  There are six players as part of the game and the goal is to defeat the banker.

These three games are the most popular online options for players.  There are definitely other games out there that are almost as popular, like Blackjack.

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