Setting Online Casino Spending Limits

Published on: October 6, 2010 

Online casino gambling is not harmful in itself. But over indulgence in any activity is harmful, whether it be eating or gambling. Therefore players need to ensure that they wager within limits and no financial hardship is caused to dependent family members as a result of the gambling. The practice of gambling in a way that causes no harm is known as responsible gambling.

One of the key points in responsible gambling is deciding on the gambling limits per session. The proper way to go about doing this is by first working out a monthly allocation for gambling. The player should keep certain important points in mind. He should never borrow in order to gamble. He should never liquidate his savings or assets in order to gamble. And he should never defer any regular or necessary household expenditure in order to gamble. The gambling budget should come from the surplus left after providing for essential expenses and savings.

Once the budget is arrived at the player has to decide the time he can devote to gambling. He must not take time off from work in order to gamble. Nor must he let the gambling interfere with his social and family life. Based on the above constraints the player can work out the number of monthly sessions that he can engage in without abdicating his responsibilities. Then arriving at the gambling limit per session is a simple task. He just needs to divide the monthly budget by the planned number of sessions per month.

The player then needs to formulate a policy that enables him to stick to the gambling limits and time schedules. If the player loses his allotted bankroll before the time is over he should end the gambling session there and then. Digging into the next session’s bankroll is a dangerous practice and should be avoided at all costs. When the scheduled time is over the player should stop playing whether he is winning or has eaten into his bankroll. It is a wise practice to keep the winnings aside and not add them to the bankroll.

The procedure of working out gambling limits from basic income and expenses estimates can be a tedious process but it has one advantage. The player will realize the importance of gambling responsibly. However there is a simpler way to set gambling limits. The player should estimate how much he spends on entertainment on Sundays. This may be for a movie, or dinner out, or a trip to the disco or other similar activities. The amount that the player can save by forgoing these activities is the amount that he can comfortably afford to lose in online gambling during the week.

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