Implementing Online Casino Gambling Limits

Published on: March 8, 2009 

The article Setting Online Casino Spending Limits discussed why it is important for online casino players to decide their limits prior to each session and how they should go about doing so. It was also suggested that the players should enforce these limits voluntarily. However if the players face problems in sticking to their decided limits the online casinos offer assistance in implementing gambling limits.

Some online casinos allow players to feed in daily or weekly betting limits. Once these limits are fed in the players will not be allowed to wager in excess of these limits. If this facility is available then players should utilize it whether or not they are confident of implementing the limits voluntarily. But all online casinos have a responsible gaming policy. This is now mandatory under the conditions of licensing. Under this policy players can contact the customer support any time and ask them to impose limits on their wagering. If the players have worked out the limits themselves they can give these to the casino. If they want assistance from the casino in setting the limits then that also can be arranged, at least in the more reputed online casinos. Some casinos have in-house dedicated experts on responsible gambling. Others may refer players to professional responsible gambling organizations. Prevention is better than cure. It is advised that players contact customer support right at the start and get their limits implemented.

Some players may neglect implementing gambling limits and as a result may be gambling more than is good for them. Others may have decided to voluntarily implement the limits but find themselves frequently exceeding the limits set. And players who may have asked the casino to impose limits may be feeling discomfort or even some depression at the restrictions imposed on them. Such players need to take stronger action to prevent them from falling into problem gambling. Online casinos offer two options under their responsible gambling policy. This policy is termed as the self exclusion policy in most online casinos. The first step is to opt for a minimum 7 day cooling off period. During this period the player’s account will be locked and he will not be allowed access to the casino. Most casinos also take the player off the mailing list so the he does not get promotional material. After the cooling of period is over and the player feels confident that he is now in control then he can resume gambling. If the cooling off period does not help the player should take the step of the minimum six month suspension period. Again the account will be locked for the duration of the suspension period. If even this does not help then the player has to seek professional help in order to be able to give up online gambling altogether.

Players must realize that though online casinos provide facilitating features, it is up to them to use them. The final call is the players’.

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