Slot Strategies that Don’t Work

Published on: May 25, 2017 

When it comes to playing casino games at online gambling sites, many players make use of strategies to help them reduce the house edge and have better chances at winning. While there are quite a few casino games where strategies can be useful, they do not offer much when playing slot games. Unfortunately, many players still think they can use a strategy to beat the slots. These are games of chance and there is nothing any player can do to alter the outcome of any spin on a slot game. Here, we discuss the strategies that are often used and never work. Players who are playing slots should always avoid any strategy as they do not offer any guarantee of winning and cannot change the predetermined outcome of the game.

The zig zag system is one that is often used by slot players and this involves watching specific symbols to appear in some type of pattern. Players think that when this happens, it will indicate the game is about to offer a larger payout or a massive hit. This is not the truth and the appearance of the symbols is nothing more than a coincidence. The symbols used on any slot game are for show and visual appeal and where they land has no indication on the results of future spins on the game.

Another strategy that many players use and believe to be beneficial is a money management strategy. The idea behind this is to set win and loss limits. Players will strive to limit the losses when a slot is cold and to take their winnings when the games at hot. However, since there is no such thing as a hot or cold slot game, this strategy amounts to nothing.

There are no proven strategies that can help anyone who is playing a slot game, so players will be better off having a budget in place and choosing games that offer a high RTP and multiple bonus rounds. Since all results are random and cannot be predicted, players have no way to determine whether a game is due to hit. Slots are designed for casual game play and there is no strategy that can be used to beat these games online or in land based casinos.

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