Your Gamble In Microgaming Online Slots

Published on: April 5, 2013 

In 2012, the leading software provider Microgaming released three online slot games in a series subtitled Untamed. The games were Bengal Tiger, Giant Panda and Wolf Pack. These games introduced a feature called Your Gamble, which was an advanced version of the existing Gamble Game. In order to understand the enhancements it is essential to recap the earlier feature.

The Microgaming Gamble Game could be optionally activated by the player after any spin that yielded a payout. The player had to stake the entire payout won if he activated the Gamble Game. The player was given two options. In the first he could guess the color of the next card dealt from red or black. A correct guess would result in the payout being doubled, but a wrong guess would result in the payout being forfeited. In the second option the player could guess the suit of the next card dealt. A correct guess would result in the payout being quadrupled, but a wrong guess would result in the payout being forfeited.

Your Gamble is also optional and can be activated after any payout, but the similarity ends here. The Your Gamble screen is completely different from the Gamble Game screen. The rules are described on the left side of the screen. The buttons required to operate the game are arranged along the bottom of the screen. Your Gamble is played at the centre of the screen where a circle with a pointer is displayed. The Bet cell displays the amount won in the online slots spin. To start with, the Collect cell also displays this amount. Players can click on the Collect button, collect the amount of the payout and end Your Gamble. In Your Gamble players need not wager the entire payout won. Clicking on the Bank button allows players to collect 50% of the payout. The amount in the Bet cell will be halved and the other half will appear in the Bank cell.

The amount in the Bet cell, before or after banking, is the amount the player stakes in the Microgaming Your Gamble feature. In the Gamble Game the player could choose to double or quadruple the staked amount. In Your Gamble the player can set the target up to 20 times the bet amount. This is the reason for the name Your Gamble. The exact multiplier can be selected by manipulating the plus and minus buttons on either side of the Gamble To Win cell. In practice the multiplier is not displayed, but the absolute amount that will be won for the given stake. If the player goes for the maximum 20 times then the circle is divided into 20 sectors. 19 of these will be colored red and one will be colored green. If the player then clicks the minus button once, there will be 18 red sectors and 2 green sectors, corresponding to a multiplier of 10 times. In this manner the red area can be decreased further. The green area will increase and the multiplier will decrease.

After the player has set the multiplier, he should click the Spin button. The pointer rotates around the circle before coming to rest. If it stops on the red area the player loses the bet amount. If it stops on the green area the player wins the amount in the Gamble To Win cell. The player can repeat the Your Gamble feature till the limit is reached. The amount won becomes the new bet amount and feature proceeds as described.

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