Worst Bets to Place in a Casino

Published on: July 23, 2015 

Players who enjoy gambling are always looking for tips that can help them become better players and win more money when betting real money. One thing that players can do to improve their gaming is to become educated on a variety of games. Learning payout rates and odds will help players determine which games are the best to play and which should be avoided. It is also important to know which bets to avoid making when playing popular games as these following bets are considered sucker bets and seldom pay off. By avoiding these bets, players can extend their bankroll and have more chances of coming out on the positive side.

One of the worst bets to place is on Three Card Poker. While this game is very popular and offers some amazing payouts, players will usually be placing two wagers when they play, which can increase the house edge to over 5%. There is the ante bet, which has a house edge of 4% and the pairs plus wager, which offers a huge house edge of 7.28%. With these percentages, players can clearly see that Three Card Poker wagers are not the best choice.

Keno is probably one of the worst games to play at any online casino. This lottery style game is simple and can offer some decent payouts when players have luck on their side, but the 25% house edge is a killer. Over time, players will spend much more than they could win with this game and it should be avoided whenever possible.

Progressive slot machines also offer some of the worst bets, no matter what denomination players are betting. The house edge on these games range from 7% to 12%, significantly higher than a standard slot machine. In the long run, players will lose between $12 and $17 of the $100 they are betting. Most players try to play these games as fast as possible, which can lead to even more losses.

Always avoid the tie bet when playing Baccarat. Though the payout is attractive, this is one of the worst bets any table game player can place. This bet comes with a massive house edge of 14%. Stick with Banker and Player bets, regardless of how appealing the tie bet payout may be.

Caribbean Stud offers the chance to place a side bet and any experienced player will know this is a sucker bet. The payouts for this side bet are very impressive, which is why many new players waste their money on the small wager. However, the house edge here is 26% or more, so it is a bet that should always be avoided, no matter how huge the jackpot is at the time.

By learning the worst bets, players can bet safely and wisely and have better chances at playing more games and losing less in the long run.

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