Winning with Caribbean Stud Poker

Published on: March 31, 2016 

There are many different variations of poker that can be enjoyed at online casinos and one, Caribbean Stud, is a popular game for new players as well as those that have years of playing experience. The game is easy to learn, which makes it an appealing option for those that are just getting started with casino games. While there is no guaranteed way to win when playing this poker game for real money, there are some strategies that can be used. The casino has about a 5% edge that players have to contend with, and there are no strategies that will really reduce this house edge.

The strategies that can be used will help players avoid overspending and will preserve the bankroll. This starts with avoiding the $1 side bet that is offered. This side bet is placed to win the progressive jackpot and while the payouts can be impressive overall, the house edge with this bet is over 20%, so it is one that will usually result in $1 losses.

For players who are new to the game, it is important for them to know what hands to play. When there is a hand that consists of Ace, King, Jack 8 and 3, or a better hand, players should play. These hands will reduce the house edge since they will usually beat the lowest qualifying hand for the dealer. If players are holding a pair, they should place their bet, regardless of the pair held. When holding an Ace and a King, place the bet when any of the remaining three cards match that of the revealed dealer card.

When playing Caribbean Stud for real money, there are two bets that will be placed. All players will start with the Ante bet. After this is placed, the cards will be dealt and the dealer shows one of their cards. At this time, players will make the decision whether to play the hand or fold. If they fold, the ante bet is lost. If players choose to play, they will place an additional bet that is twice the amount of the ante bet. If the dealer has a qualifying hand, the hands are compared to see who has the best ranking poker hand. As long as the player hand beats the dealer hand, there will be a win. If the dealer does not qualify, the ante bet wins even money and the play bet is returned.

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