WagerWorks Power Blackjack

Published on: December 25, 2011 

Software developers create Blackjack variants by relaxing certain rules to offer players benefits and tightening others to even the playing field. In the net there is marginal difference in the house edge, but the variety introduced makes the game more interesting. Power Blackjack from WagerWorks is one such variant.

Power Blackjack has two powerful features that are not available in land casino blackjack variants. Power Double gives players the power of a second chance. When they double down on an initial hand value 9, 10, or 11, they get the power to replace the double down card. Players can also double down on all other two-card hands, but they cannot replace the cards on other hand values. Power Split gives players the power to turn around a bad situation. When they are initially dealt a hard 15 or 16, which is a fairly lousy situation to be in, players have the power to split this weak hand into two separate hands to improve their chances. The normal Split is valid only when the initial cards are of the same rank.

In many blackjack variants when the player is given an advantage the evening out is done by reducing the payout for a blackjack to even money. This does not happen in Power Blackjack. The payout for blackjack remains at 3 to 2. The only rule that is tweaked in the favor of the online casino is that if the dealer ends up with a hand value of 22 he does not bust. The bet pushes and is returned to the player. All other core rules are the same. Power Blackjack offers an average return to player of 99.77%, which is comparable with the best that a player can get.

The normal Split rules are as follows. A split hand leading to a two card value total of 21 is not a blackjack. When aces are split, only one further card may be dealt to each ace. In other cases the players may re-split each split hand once. Players may also double down on the first two cards of any split or re-split hands. The standard Insurance bet is available when the dealer’s face up card is an ace. If players accept the insurance, a bet equal to half of the original bet is automatically placed. If the dealer has a blackjack, then the Insurance bet is paid 2 to 1. The dealer stands on all hand values of 17.

The regular WagerWorks table game settings are available in Power Blackjack. The Speed setting allows players to control the speed of game play. In Normal mode all game animations are played. In Turbo mode the pace of play is quickened by eliminating certain animations. The dealer’s voice and the game’s sound effects may be enabled or disabled. The player can choose between traditional or modern style sound effects. The quality of the graphics can be set to Best, High, Medium or Low. Those players with high Internet speeds can set the quality to Best, but those with low connection speed should set the quality at Low. The graphics quality will suffer slightly, but the smoothest animation performance will be achieved.

Power Blackjack can be played at all WagerWorks online casinos like Virgin Casino.

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