Understanding Online Casino Operations

Published on: April 27, 2009 

An online casino is run by an organization usually designated as “Casino Operator” with inputs from other organizations. The online casino is licensed by a “Gaming Jurisdiction”, which ascertains that the Casino Operator has access to the financial and operational resources required to run the online casino. The online gaming software is not developed by the operator but the license to use it is obtained from a dedicated “Software Provider”. The marketing of the online casino is done through an “Affiliate Program”. Some of the key functionaries involved in running an online casino are discussed below.

Casino Manager

The Casino Manager is the employee of the Casino Operator organization. He is the CEO of the online casino and is responsible for its smooth functioning. He would liaise with the external input providers like the Gaming Jurisdiction and Software Provider. He would for example ensure that new games or promotions or banking options are seamlessly integrated with the existing software. He would also ensure that the staff working under him is performing its duties.

Loyalty Rewards and VIP Reps

It is true of online casinos that all customers are not equal. Customers who wager larger amount get special treatment and greater benefits from the online casino. Usually these benefits are given in a graded scale depending on the wagering level. It is the responsibility of the Loyalty Rewards and VIP Reps to ensure that these benefits are given as promised. VIP Reps keep track of the wagering done by the customers and inform them what benefits they are eligible for and help them in claiming those. They would also offer personalized service to customers from higher VIP levels.  

Customer Support Staff

For the customers the Customer Support Staff is the human face of a non human system. It is the first point of call when a customer has any problem – be it a game that is not downloading or a bonus that has not been credited. The Customer Support Staff are highly trained not only in the various aspects of the online casino operations but also in dealing courteously with sometimes irate customers. If the Customer Support Staff is not doing a good job then the online casino will surely lose customers.

Software Provider

Developing online gaming software is a costly and resource intensive business. It is not viable to develop software for single online casinos. Hence the industry has a number of Software Providers who develop and maintain the software and license it for use to Casino Operators. Some of the more prominent of these are Microgaming, Wizard Gaming and Real Time Gaming. It is also the responsibility of the Software Providers to continuously provide new and innovative games so as to retain their competitive edge and thus that of the online casinos they power.  

Affiliate Program and Affiliate Managers


Online casinos need a mechanism that drives traffic to their web site. This is done by Affiliate Managers of Affiliate Programs. Affiliate Programs are systems by which banners of the online casino are placed on thousands of web sites on the Internet. The banners provide a link to the web site of the online casino. Potential players surfing through these sites may use the links to visit the casino and become members there. The casino would then compensate the site owner through which the potential player reached the casino.

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