Troubleshooting Online Casino Installation Problems

Published on: March 24, 2009 

Online gaming software is tested rigorously before release and as such it should install smoothly. However on occasion it may not. If that happens then fretting and fuming will not help. There are a few simple steps the player should follow in an attempt to resolve the problem.

The first step involves checking if the player’s system meets the requirements specified by the online gaming software provider. Parameters like CPU speed, hard disc capacity and operating system version are specified and if the actual values fall short then there can be a problem. If this is so then the player will need to upgrade before he can play at the online casino. While upgrading there is an important tip to be followed. Do not upgrade to just what is currently needed but upgrade to what is the best currently available. This will eliminate the need for frequent upgrades.

If not then probably a glitch occurred while downloading the software. In this case it is best to try the download again. But before doing that the downloaded files have to be removed. Merely deleting the files does not help because while downloading some files are placed in various system folders. The existing software should be “uninstalled”. This removes all files no matter where stored. Most online gaming software allow quick uninstalls directly from the start menu within the casino folder where there will be an uninstall application. Other wise the player will have to use the “Add or Remove Programs” application from the Control Panel.

If downloading and installing afresh also does not work then it is time to bring in the experts. The player should contact customer support of the online casino. There are two things that the customer support should be informed. The first is that the player has already tried a fresh download. The second is giving customer support the exact error messages received. It is better to contact customer support over live chat or phone even if it means a cost to the player. That way a resolution to the issue could be obtained immediately. Sending e-mails back and forth will delay matters and add to the frustration. The player should also be prepared for a trial and error process and should follow the instructions of customer support with a cool head. If the person at customer support needs to consult a senior then he should be given due time.

If customer support cannot resolve the issue, and this would only happen in a rare case, then it is senseless persevering with that online casino. It does not necessarily mean that the software is faulty. There are millions of people all over the world using it. This is assuming that the online casino is a reputed one and due diligence has been done. But rather than spend days in trying to locate and resolve the problem it is best to find a different online casino and try downloading their software.

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