Topgame's Lucky Number Video Slot Review

Published on: December 24, 2014 

If you look at a lot of the newest video slots, you'll start to see a pattern emerge. That pattern is that a lot of software developers don't really put a lot of effort into their games unless they have a popular brand from television, film or other forms of media to attach it to. Along these lines, they can come out with some fairly mediocre titles. Topgame has never done this, and the Lucky Number video slot is an excellent example. It uses a bit of a throwback theme to classic slots with fruit symbols and lucky sevens, but it has a ton of great gameplay.

Like most Topgame titles, the coins in Lucky Number range from $0.01 to $5.00 apiece. This gives you a betting range that starts at a low $0.20 per spin since there are 20 paylines available in this game. It's a good, balanced amount that gives you plenty of chances to win without having so many lines that you can't keep up with them. The maximum bet per spin is $100, and with this high of a cap, you're not going to have to worry about a bet at your preferred stakes not being available.

There are three major payouts that you should be aware of when you play. Five of the lemon symbol gets you a 5,000x win, a 1,000x payout is available for five of the plum symbols, and five cherries will give you a good mid-range win worth 750x. The wild symbol is the lucky number seven, but it doesn't have its own payout. In spite of that, it will show up on all reels to make life easier on you by helping you to hit more wins than you would normally get without it.

The golden bell is the key to the free spins bonus feature. Three gets you a set of five free spins, four gets you 10 free spins and five will give you 20 free spins. The sparkling sevens shouldn't be confused with the wild lucky seven either because they are scatters that give you a bonus feature if you get three or more of them. This bonus feature basically amounts to random instant wins, and it's something you'll really want to pay attention to because some pretty big payouts as large as 3,000x can be won which is huge.

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