Tips for Live Baccarat

Published on: September 6, 2016 

Live dealer games have become a popular choice for players who enjoy table games that provide a life like experience while still playing from home. The leading software developers have created live games that use real time play and offer professional dealers. These games are simulcast from a land studio where the entire game can be viewed using multiple camera angles. Live baccarat is a top choice for many players. This is a fast paced game that can offer great payouts and with some tips, any player can get started with is love game and have a profitable gambling session.

The best tip players can employ when playing live baccarat is to avoid the tie bet at all costs. This bet is appealing to many players because of the high payout, but it is a poor bet to make. It has a very high house edge and will lose more often than not. The only time the tie bet should be placed is when players are able to count cards when playing, and this is usually only possible when playing a baccarat game that is using one or two decks of cards.

The commission of 5% will deter some players from betting on the banker, but this is a good bet to place. Even though the payout is just 1:1, the banker bet has a lower house edge than the player, so it will win more times. With a 1.06% house edge, player betting on the banker will have more wins at the table, so don’t let the commission be a factor in avoiding the bet.

Zero commission baccarat may be appealing, but it is not a game that is worth playing. With this version, there is no commission on the banker bet, but the payouts do not accommodate for the lack of the commission, so the game is not one that will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

When choosing a live baccarat game online always take time to compare the games at different casino sites. Since casinos will use different software, there will be different versions of the game, wit the main difference being the number of decks that are in play. When possible, always choose the game that has the fewest decks being used. Most live baccarat games are played with 6 or 8 decks, but there are some that are geared towards VIP and high roller players that have fewer decks.

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