Tips for High Variance Slots

Published on: February 2, 2017 

When players are choosing slot games, the title selected will depend on the budget that can be used and the profit goal of the player. High variance slots are those that can offer tremendous rewards, though payouts do not come quickly. This means that players will have to have a strict budget when they are playing these games and must also be disciplined and know when to walk away. As with any slot, there is no system or perfect strategy that will increase the chances of winning. All online slots are controlled by a random number generator, so there is no way for any player to alter the outcome of the game. The results are all predetermined and each spin will offer a random result.

While high variance slot games can offer huge paying jackpots, they also come with an increased risk for the player. Since payouts are not as common, players can lose their bankroll faster than with other slots, so it is important to manage the bankroll properly if one wishes to be successful with these games online. Even though there may not be any proven strategy for playing these slots, there are some tips on how players can choose games that will lead to larger rewards.

If possible, try to avoid high variance games that have just paid out. Unfortunately, this is hard to determine when playing online, so if players are playing a game and they hit a large payout, they may be better to switch to another game to avoid losing any winnings. When playing these games, always bet the smallest bet amount possible. This will extend the playing session and offer more chances to land that large win. It is recommended that players bet an amount that is about 1/200th of their total bankroll with each spin.

Many of these games will offer a gamble feature, but it is best to avoid this with high variance slots While it does offer the chance to double the payouts, it is a huge risk and players often end up losing their original win amounts. When a large amount is won, players should find another high variance game that offers a decent RTP and move on to that new game. High variance games can be very rewarding when played correctly, and these simple tips can help any real money player online.

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