There Simple Craps Bets With a Low House Advantage

Published on: June 18, 2014 

The game of craps is extremely complicated. If you want to learn how to play this game, you have to learn how the game is organized and what the goals of the bets are. There are a number of trap bets in this game with large house advantages, so we want to put you on the right path with three bets that all have a low house advantage. If you follow these bets, you'll be able to learn this game without falling for the traps with wagers that have a low house edge.

The first is the place bet on a 6 or 8 only. You pick a number, either six or eight, and if your number is rolled, then you win. If a seven is rolled instead, then you lose. If you win, however, you get a payout of 7:6 instead of 1:1, so even though you lose more than you win, you get a higher payout to compensate for most of it. As a result, this wager has a house advantage of just 0.46 percent per roll putting it on par with skilled blackjack and video poker players in most games.

Another is the buy bet on either a 4 or a 10 in certain games. This is a bet that your number (either 4 or 10, whichever you pick) will come up on the next roll. You lose if a seven comes up, and all other numbers tie just like with the place bet mentioned above. However, this bet pays fair odds minus a five percent commission, but you should only take it if the commission is on winning bets only. This option has a house advantage of 0.42 percent.

Finally we have the pass line bet which is the most fundamental bet in all of craps. It's a complicated bet with multiple stages, but it's the single bet that will help you to learn this game the most. This wager has a house advantage of 0.42 percent, and you're essentially winning when the shooter wins and losing when the shooter loses. Unlike the other two bets mentioned above, the pass line bet can only be placed on the first roll by a new shooter, called the "come out roll." The place bet on a 6 or an 8 along with the buy bet on a 4 or a 10 can be placed on any roll, so they're more flexible.

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