The Three-Step Process to Crushing Oasis Poker

Published on: September 10, 2014 

Oasis Poker is one of those games that people often just pass over because it seems like it's another boring casino poker format. However, Oasis Poker is actually one of the more in-depth games in terms of strategy outside of blackjack and video poker, so if you're a strategy fan, then you'll probably get a kick out of working out strategies for this game. We want to provide you with the three steps that you need to beat this game, and we're going to assume that you know the basic rules for the sake of this article.

Start with the draw. You have an option to pay an extra, non-refundable ante for each card you want to discard up to a maximum of two. What happens with this is that discarding two cards has such an overwhelming cost that it's never profitable. For discarding a single card, however, there are some good situations to do so. You should always go for four to a straight flush or royal flush even if that means giving up a pair. You should also keep four cards to a flush or to an open-ended straight draw if you don't have a pair in your hand.

Next you need to look at more advanced drawing scenarios. For example, suppose you have four cards to a flush and you also have a low pair. You'll want to discard and break up the pair sometimes depending on the size of your pair and which dealer card is up. If the dealer has a card of your suit, for example, then you should keep your pair. The same can be said if you have four to a gutshot straight draw if you don't have a pair in terms of looking at your cards and the dealer's card to decide if drawing is a good idea or if you should just skip the draw and likely fold your hand.

Finally you need to learn how to play after the discard round. In this case, this game is actually exactly the same as Caribbean Stud, so if you know how to play that game perfectly, then it will translate directly over to Oasis Poker. The addition of the drawing element gives you chances to go wrong, but if you play well, you'll only pick out the profitable drawing scenarios to get a better payout rate than you would in regular Caribbean Stud.

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