The Online Casino Topic Review Process

Published on: May 25, 2009 

Online Casino Topic has been serving the interests of players by providing reviews, news, tips and articles on the online casino industry. It is the goal of the site to become the most trusted and reliable source for information as related to online casinos and gambling on the web.

Reviewing online casinos is an ongoing process at Online Casino Topic. Because different casinos are reviewed at different times it is essential to follow an objective pattern of assessment so that the integrity of the reviews is maintained. Online Casino Topic has an objective approach to reviewing and ranking the online casinos placed at its website.

Players wager at online casinos in order to win. Hence the most important factor in the assessment concerns the financial transactions made at the online casinos. In order to win money players first have to deposit money at the online casino. The ease with which the online casino is able to process deposits is one of the factors that are considered by Online Casino Topic. This is all the more relevant in the case of credit cards and debit cards where most rejections are reported. The representatives of Online Casino Topic actually make payments at the online casino to assess whether the credit cards or debit cards are rejected. Only after getting this first-hand experience do they make any claims about the online casino. The other factor that is considered by Online Casino Topic is how quickly the online casino makes the payouts to the players. Again Online Casino Topic actually requests payouts and judges the casinos on real time performances. Online casinos that delay payments are not displayed at the Online Casino Topic website.

Before online casinos start operations they require the backing from two crucial input providers. These are the software provider and the jurisdiction that licenses the online casino. If these organizations are reputed then the due diligence is carried out by them sincerely and thoroughly. Therefore Online Casino Topic checks out the reputation of the software provider and of the licensing authority. If the software provider is a reputed one such as Microgaming, Cryptologic, Playtech, Real Time Gaming, Wizard Gaming or Vegas Technology then Online Casino Topic recommends the casino. Similarly if the licensing authority is a reputed one such as Antigua, Curacao, Malta, Gibraltar or Alderney then Online Casino Topic recommends the casino.

Customer support is another area that Online Casino Topic considers is important. If the customer support is weak then the gaming experience at that casino will not be worthwhile. The first thing that Online Casino Topic checks is whether the support is offered round-the-clock. It also considers how many methods of customer support are offered. The representatives of Online Casino Topic actually interact with the customer support of the casino to find out whether the response is quick, courteous and effective and only then do they make an assessment about the online casino.

Finally Online Casino Topic checks if it has come across any red flags that would indicate that the online casino is rogue. There are several indicators that Online Casino Topic looks at. If the casino under consideration has not provided the names and addresses of its owners then it is suspect. Another red flag arises if there is lack of clarity in the terms and conditions that the player is asked to sign. This is particularly true of the conditions regarding bonuses because most of the disputes arise on this issue. Online Casino Topic also looks for the provision of an independent mechanism of resolving disputes. Issues in connection with responsible gambling must also be addressed satisfactorily by the casino. If Online Casino Topic finds red flags in any of these issues then it will not list the casino at its website.

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