The Microgaming Respin Feature

Published on: June 11, 2011 

The software provider Microgaming has always been known for the innovative features it has introduced in its online casino games. In November 2010 Microgaming had released two online slots titled Reel Gems and Retro Reels with a new Respin feature. This feature was so popular that it has been repeated in several subsequent Microgaming slots. The reason for this popularity is that the Respin feature introduces interactivity into the slot game. Normally all that the player had to do was set the betting options. Now after each spin the player has to decide whether it is worth taking up the option of Respin in any of the reels and this offers a challenge.

In the slot games with the Respin feature there is a Respin button below each reel. After the normal spin the payouts are made for the winning combinations. Then on each Respin button a dollar value is displayed. This value is the cost of spinning only that reel keeping all the reels unchanged. If the player wants to respin any reel he should click the button below that reel. His casino account balance will be reduced by the dollar value shown on that button. There will be no deduction for the normal bet amount. Only the chosen reel will spin again. Any new winning combinations that arise as a result of the respin will be paid out. Fresh dollar values will be displayed below all the reels again. The player may opt to activate the Respin feature again on any of the reels. He can carry on indefinitely, but will have to pay the cost of the respin each time. If the player does not want to respin any of the reels he can move on to the next normal spin by clicking on the Spin button.

The players are by no means obliged to activate the Respin feature. It is simply an option they have. But it is an option that can be extremely attractive in certain conditions. Take the example of a player getting a high payout symbol in an active payline on each reel from the second to the fifth. But he has a different symbol in that payline on the first reel. He wins absolutely nothing for this near perfect combination because of the rule that says winning combinations must appear left to right. If the Respin feature is available he can respin only the first reel keeping the remaining four intact. He has to take a call if the price is worth it. The greater the potential of winning from a respin the greater will the cost of the respin be. Microgaming tempts players to go for the respin by stating “Sometimes one more spin is all it takes to win”, but players have to make a responsible choice.

The Respin values are based on the total amount wagered by the player. If the player changes any of the betting options he will lose the respins and will have to start afresh. Therefore the Microgaming software warns players through a prompt message that says “Changing your bet forfeits all existing respins. Are you sure you wish to continue?” If the player does not want to lose the respins he can click No and retain the existing position.

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