Strategies for Low Pair Blackjack Hands

Published on: October 29, 2015 

We have already covered how players should play hands that have high pairs, now we will address the low pair hands when playing blackjack. It is important for players to know exactly what to do with their hands when playing the game and over time, each player will master basic strategies like these to improve their game and provide more wins. Low pairs are any pair that is valued from 2 to 7. Most players will benefit from using a strategy card to know what to do when playing real money blackjack, but others may not be familiar with these or even know how to read the cards, so this information is important.

When the hand has a pair of 2s or 3s, the dealer card will play a key role in the decision made. If the dealer has a card that is 2, 3 8 or any higher value, they are in a stronger position than the player. In these situations, splitting would not be advised and the best option is to hit. For any face up card for the dealer, splitting these pairs is beneficial and there is a slight advantage over starting with pairs of 4s or 6s.

There are great benefits to starting with an 8 instead of a 4. Starting with a 4 will usually put players in a position where their hand value will be right around 14. With an 8, players have better chances of getting a hand value of 18. With this being said, avoid splitting fours and always split eights. If the pair is a set of as, a hand value of 10 is as good as it gets and can put the player in a position to get 20 or 21. Splitting 5s is never beneficial to the player and should be avoided.

When players have pairs of 6s or 7s, a starting value is 12 or 14, which is not a good place to be. The dealer’s card will again come into play. Never risk an additional wager by splitting if the dealer has an 8 or more. Here, players will have to take a chance and hit the hand. For any other face up card, the blackjack strategy says to split 6s and 7s. With these tips for how to play low pair hands, players will be prepared for a great blackjack experience and will increase their chances of winning.

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