Skill Based Bonus Games In Online Slots

Published on: April 25, 2013 

Today many slot games offer a bonus game that is played out on the second screen. This game is usually based on luck, just as the main game of the online slot. Bonus games on the second screen mainly involve selecting or matching symbols for bonus credits. This process is integrated into the theme of the online slot to make the bonus game more interesting. However, there are a few online slots in which the bonus game on the second screen requires some kind of skill. This article describes and the recommends the more popular of such games.

Players looking out for skill based bonus games generally head to the i-slots of Rival Gaming. One of these is titled Cosmic Quest Episode One and offers a bonus game on the second screen called Asteroid Blasteroid. This game requires some of the mechanical dexterity of video arcade games, but at a significantly lower level. In Asteroid Blasteroid the player has to steer an airship through an asteroid belt using controls for left, right, forward and back movements. The game has two objectives. First the player has to avoid being hit by the asteroids. The player loses a part of his life every time he is hit by an asteroid and this reduces the time for which he can play the game. Simultaneously the player has to destroy as many asteroids as he can by firing on them. He gets bonus credits for each asteroid destroyed. The bonus game ends when the player loses his entire life or succeeds in passing through the asteroid belt.

There is a set of Rival Gaming i-slots based on the theme of golf titled Hole in Won and The Back Nine. These online slots have a similar bonus game on the second screen that simulates a nine-hole golf course. Each time the bonus round is triggered the players get to play on a different hole. The players have to align the mouse pointer correctly so that the ball goes in the desired direction. They also have to adjust the distance between the mouse pointer and the ball so as to generate just the required amount of power. The game is made more interesting by placing obstacles in between the tee and the hole so that the player cannot hit directly in one stroke, but has to find a way around the obstacles.

Mechanical dexterity is one kind of skill, and logical reasoning is another. Logical reasoning has been incorporated into the bonus game of an online slot from WagerWorks titled Battleship Search and Destroy. This bonus game is based on a popular thinking game called battleships, in which two players try to destroy the other’s fleets. The bonus game on the second screen is called Sink the Fleet but is played with one player. The objective is to destroy the enemy fleet of five ships that is randomly generated on an 8 by 8 grid. The player is allowed at most eight misses. Bonus credits are given for successful hits. For players who are not familiar with this game, the rules describe strategies for starting the search, and locating large carriers and small destroyers. Players who are not interested in the skill based bonus game on the second screen can opt for a luck based free spins game instead.

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