Six Card Charlie Blackjack Games

Published on: November 12, 2015 

When players first access an online casino, they may be overwhelmed at the number of games that are offered. Many of these games are table and card games and fans of blackjack will find there are some exceptional game variations that can be played for free and for real money. These games have been designed by some of the best software providers in the industry and offer features and payouts that make these games much more enjoyable than playing at a land casino. Some of the most popular versions of the game will make use of the Six Card Charlie Rule. This feature makes the game much more interesting and offers another way to win.

A Six Card Charlie is a hand of blackjack where six cards have been dealt to the player without busting. These hands will win automatically if the version of blackjack being played recognises this hand. In most of the blackjack variations found online, the payout for the hand is 3:2. The Six Card Charlie is not a common hand to achieve, but it is a rule that is desired by many players as it can increase the return to player by 0.16%. For players who can master game strategies and can make the Six Card Charlie rule work in their favour, they will be able to enjoy blackjack games that average a return close to 99.7%!

When this rule is in play, the basic blackjack strategy will have to be adjusted as players will have to be a bit more aggressive. There are greater risks that are taken to try to get the 3:2 payout for the hand. With normal blackjack variants, players will often stand on hands that are valued at 14 or 15. With the Six Card Charlie rule in play, a hand value of 15 still leaves room to get a six card hand and ,any players will take the chance of hitting at least one time to see what the next card reveals.

There are also some blackjack games that use a Five Card Charlie Rule and this rule will increase the RTP by 1.5%, so it is definitely a favourable rule for any player. However, these games are not as common, which is why most players are more familiar with the Six Card rule when playing blackjack online.

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